Janelly + Raffi

This was my first surprise proposal of 2021 and it was so amazing to begin the year with this and these two!

I met Janelly and Raffi through instagram of 2020. Janelly entered my giveaway and she so happened to be the winner! We planned and rescheduled for months and months until I was finally able to take their photos.

I immediately fell in love with them as a couple, they are kind and caring are you can tell they love each other so much. They made my job really easy. Capturing lovers who are so happy and head over heels with each other is another feeling, you just have to be there with them, making sure you don't mis a moment of their love and I did just that!

Anyways, Raffi( her now- fiancé ) emailed me about two weeks later with the BIG question. He had been planning to propose to Janelly and had thought out everything already and was only missing a photographer. From the moment I read the email, and who it was from I was in! my favorite couple was getting engaged!!!!! and they chose me to photograph them, of all photographers. It felt like a huge honor to do so and I agreed in a heartbeat, I assured Raffi that anything they needed I would be there for their big day. By the way I still have this huge secret I have to hold onto for like 3 months lol, It was so stressful watching Janelly on instagram and keeping this secret to myself because I was just so happy for her!

The big day comes, I arrive an hour early to Laguna Beach, and what was supposed to be a secluded, non-crowded day ends up being a sunny day in so-cal and a sunny day in so-cal is not a day that goes to waste. The beach was packed but still somewhat manageable, I think the odds were in their favor that day because I managed to find this very gorgeous semi secluded spot for the proposal to happen. I meet up wit Raffi's sister Farrah who helps set up a blanket + basket with champagne and flowers. We patiently wait for Janelly and Raffi to arrive, which felt like FOREVER. At last Raffi and Janelly arrive, they walk over to their perfect set up and he gets on one knee and asks her the big question, there's claps from everyone around us, hops and excitement from Janelly and tears from their photographer.

Congratulations to my two lovers!