Intimate California Wedding at Kellogg House, Pomona CA | Rebekah + Hawk

Rebekah and Hawk's love story finally makes its way on the blog and I couldn't be happier to share this wedding with you all! This was such a gorgeous California wedding and I'm so honored that they chose me to capture their wedding day! A true testament that a small intimate wedding can be just as, if not more, gorgeous than a huge party. They were surrounded by those closest to them and it couldn't have been better!

Their Love Story

I always think that my couple's love stories are incredibly sweet and romantic but honestly, these two take the cake. Their love story crosses all borders and defies all odds. It all started back in 2015 when Rebekah and Hawk met online! At the time, Hawk lived in California and Rebekah lived all the way in Sri Lanka...Over 9,000+ miles away. How crazy is that?! It only took about two weeks for them to fall in love and now that despite the distance, they wanted to be together. They dated for a year before they met in person in August 2016! Hawk flew to Malaysia, where Rebekah was studying at the time, and it was totally magical! As soon as they laid eyes on each other they both knew it was meant to be! Honestly, I could cry at how sweet their story is! Every year after that, Hawk flew to Sri Lanka to be with Rebekah and her family until they could finally be reunited here in California! These two prove that love knows no boundaries and when you two are meant to be, nothing can get in the way of that. I just love these two!

Their Wedding

These two star-crossed lovers were supposed to get married last year but of course, COVID. Petition to throw 2020 away, please?! Thankfully, Rebekah was still able to get her visa and fly over to California to finally be with Hawk. Fast forward to now, these two planned their intimate wedding at the Kellogg house and guys, it was PERFECT. Just wait till you see these photos! These two are undoubtedly meant for each other and capturing their love, dedication, and adoration for one another was magical! I'm so stinkin' happy that I got to showcase their love!

At last, here are Rebekah and Hawk in all their wedding glory!

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