Engagement Outfit Guide To Help You Get Gorgeous Couple Photos!

So you’re engaged! Congratulations!! So much fills up your to-do list and picking a killer outfit for your engagement photo shoot is one of them. The task is daunting and it’s so hard trying to pick an outfit that not only LOOKS amazing but FEELS amazing. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help! As a wedding and engagement photographer here in California, I’ve shot many engagement sessions and have compiled a handy list of outfit tips to get you feeling amazing on photoshoot day!

Remember though, these are style GUIDES, not rules! The most important thing is that you stick to what’s going to make you feel like a total rockstar on the day of your engagement photos.

Well at last, here are some outfit style tips for your engagement photos! 

Prints and Patterns

When it comes to prints and bold patterns, my best recommendation is to avoid them. No matter how small the print or the pattern, they can become a distraction, and let’s be real, nothing should be stealing the spotlight from you and your honey. It’s also important to keep in mind that small patterns in clothing (like small stripes or checkered patterns) can sometimes cause terrible distortions to appear that are not originally there. Now I’m not saying you can’t wear patterns at all! My tip is the more subtle the better! For example, some guys really love rocking the flannel shirts, and I think they look great! If your honey is wearing flannel try to go for a solid tee or color that complements their outfit! 

Pro Tip: Wear layers! If you want to go for a checkered flannel, maybe wear a solid tee underneath. The flannel will make a great accessory and you can remove it later for a different look in your photos. A total win-win!


I always recommend my couples to stay away from bright loud colors and stick to soft neutrals instead! Now, this doesn’t mean that you can only go with browns and greys. Never! Remember that there are neutrals to almost every color! For example, instead of wearing a bright yellow, opt for a softer mustard yellow. If you’re thinking of wearing a bright red, maybe try burgundy or wine red! A great tip is to always keep in mind the location of your photoshoot. What colors do you see in the background? Once you’ve established your location color palette, wear neutral colors that resemble your location! This will not only help your photos come out AMAZING but I guarantee your photographer will love you a little more (I know I would!)

Hair + Makeup 

Let’s talk hair and makeup! Your hairstyle should be simple and off the face. Remember I’m here to capture YOU and I want to make sure I capture you and your honey in the best way possible. Hair falling down onto the sides of the face can create distracting orange shadows and hide the most important parts! For example, bangs that come down too low onto the face will keep light from getting into the eyes, a big no-no. Eyes are SUPER important in a photograph and I want to make sure that we capture them in your photos. Now another great tip is to have your makeup and hair done for your photography session! It’s not a necessity by any means but I always believe that it can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. If you do opt to have your hair and makeup done, make sure to pick out a look that resembles you! This is not the time to try a new hairstyle or a new makeup look. You should feel comfortable in your photos, so opt for a look that you’re familiar with!

Pro Tip: Don’t over-accessorize! Overbearing or heavily noticeable accessories can be a major distraction. Again, we don’t want anything taking the spotlight away from you and your partner! Simple and minimal always wins! 

As your engagement photographer, I’m here to capture your love in its most authentic form. These memories are meant to last for generations to come and my hope is that with these outfit tips, you will fall in love with your engagement photos! All your outfit efforts will be totally worth it, I promise! 

Pinterest is an AMAZING way to get outfit inspirations for your engagement photos, check out my engagement photo inspiration board here! You’ll find outfit ideas along with poses you can rock for your engagement photos! 

Like what you see? Reach out and schedule your engagement session with me! I’ll be your hype girl along the way to not only help you choose a rocking engagement outfit but also help capture your love in a magical way!