I loved getting to shoot Sandra and Ricky’s wedding at Casa de Lago, Orange County! I connected with these two on Instagram and they invited me to shoot their engagement photos. We had such a great time & they felt so comfortable with me that they booked me for their wedding.


The morning started with the ceremony at the beautiful Saint Dominic Savio Church. Sandra wore the most gorgeous lace dress, paired with a lovely pearl headband. She had all her bridesmaids in black dresses, which was so dramatic! I loved it. After the ceremony, they exited the church straight into a Lambo. 

Warmth & Glamor at Casa de Lago, Orange

After the ceremony, everyone gathered at the Casa de Lago Orange County Venue. Casa de Lago has multiple wedding venues, but the Casa de Lago Orange site overlooks a beautiful lake. It was the perfect setting for Ricky & Sandra’s elegant wedding aesthetic, which used white flowers & gold accents to create a luxurious and warm atmosphere for everyone to celebrate in.


One of the standout moments from the reception was their first dance. They gave all of their guests sparklers, and when the lights went down and the sparklers were lit, it was nothing short of magical! Something else that all the guests loved was that the dessert was mini pancakes. There were all kinds of toppings to eat with them, and it was such a great playful touch in amongst all of the luxury.

Here’s to Sandra & Ricky!

Sandra & Ricky are the kindest souls ever. They are loving & welcoming, both so in love with each other – they were high school sweethearts, and their love has stood the test of time! Everyone could feel that warmth. I had such a good time over the course of their engagement shoot and then their Casa de Lago wedding that we all became friends. I would soooo invite them to my own wedding!

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Close-up shot of groom's hands taken at Casa de Lago
Black and white photo of groom fixing his sleeve in Orange County
Black and white photo of groom smiling at camera, taken by Southern CA photographer Melina Garcia
Flat lay shot of wedding invitations and ring, captured by Corazon Photography
Close-up shot of wedding invitations and rings, shot by natural light photographer Melina Garcia
Close-up shot of gold wedding rings on white plate for luxurious wedding at Casa de Lago
Candles set up on table at the wedding venue in Casa de Lago
Bride's wedding shoes placed next to invitations in Orange County
Flat-lay shot of bride's shoes, wedding rings and invitations, taken by LA wedding photographer Melina Garcia
Black and white photo of bride and bridesmaid looking at mirror, captured by Corazon Photography
Bride's shoes placed on white chair, captured by Corazon Photography
Bride getting her makeup done before wedding, shot by moody wedding photographer Melina Garcia
Bride smiling as bridesmaid fixes her dress before luxurious wedding at Casa de Lago
Black and white photo of bride and groom under sheer veil at Casa de Lago
Bride poses with her bridesmaids in Orange County