This Joshua Tree elopement styled shoot was the modern boho real deal. I mean, it was like this place was built to be used for elopements with lots of photos! Plus, Savannah and Noah made this shoot easy, especially since we tried out a lot of different spots and angles. Their personalities helped a TON. We all had so much fun with this shoot, and I can’t wait to do it again!

The Unique Details Of This Joshua Tree Elopement Styled Shoot

I can’t talk about this shoot without saying how much I loooove the details! If you’re into a minimalist slash modern boho theme elopement, you know that it’s the details that add magic to the big day. So, for this Joshua tree elopement styled shoot, we wanted to capture every last little thing while making sure the warmth and romance didn’t get lost. Thankfully, with Savannah and Noah, doing so was a breeze.

There were Savannah and Noah’s muted, desert-themed outfits, Savannah’s jacket, the wedding arch, the earth-colored floral arrangements, and so much more! 

Also, deciding to do much of the shoot at Cap Rock was a no-brainer. It was adventurous, dreamy, and had just the right amount of light. And by right, I mean a whole lot! Everywhere we turned at this Joshua Tree elopement shoot, there was an amazing view. The huge rocks, the twisted trees, and the golden earth made it easy to get a lot of good shots with these two. It was fun just to wander a bit with them and see what we could come up with together. 

It was even fun to take some pictures of the invitations and floral arrangements. Everything just matched so WELL!

Lovely Bridal Moments

But more than the awesome view and the carefully thought-out details, it was doing the bridal shots that I liked the most! I loved the simplicity and elegance of Savannah’s figure-hugging dress, which she paired with a short veil on a loose bun. 

For a second look, Savannah put a jacket on top of her wedding dress and wore a lovely headdress of dried flowers. It just had this look of something elegant, but she was also so easygoing about it at the same time. She really seemed to fit in with the surroundings during this Joshua Tree elopement styled shoot as if it was natural to her.

It’s definitely not easy to make this sort of thing work when rocks and dirt and other things are part of what you’re doing, but together we found some great locations to shoot, and everything worked out great for our Joshua Tree elopement styled shoot!

Romantic Joshua Tree Elopement Shots

For the couple shots, we wanted Savannah and Noah to simply enjoy each other’s company, which meant going all-out on the sweetness. What Joshua tree elopement session would be complete without a few kissing photos in a dreamy desert background? 

It really is true that these two made every shot work. It always helps to have a fun couple that just gets it when you’re doing a styled shoot, and these two were definitely both of those things and more. 

So, now that you’ve seen a bit of what I can do, I’d love to hear from you! It’s not just Joshua Tree elopement shoots that I can do for you either! I’ve shot all over, including an intimate beach wedding and a romantic Los Angeles Union Station photoshoot. I’d love to do the same for you too, so let me know what you need!