Picking the perfect location in SoCal to take your engagement or wedding photos can be hard! There are so many gorgeous places to choose from and a variety of landscapes and sights. So how do you pick the perfect one for you and your partner? Here are my top 6 favorite locations all around SoCal, from gorgeous city views to dreamy nature locations, along with tips for each one, to help you find the perfect location for you and your partner! 

Joshua Tree

If you’re looking to add that boho-dessert vibe to your photos, Joshua Tree is the perfect spot! The rock formations, wide-open desert skies, and Joshua trees make this park a total beauty. Let’s not even talk about how dreamy it looks during sunrise and sunset!

This park is HUGE though, so if you’re working with a photographer make sure that you meet at a pre-arranged spot or drop a location pin! There’s no reception there so it’s important to plan ahead! 

I’ve had the honor of capturing weddings, engagements, and couple sessions in Joshua Tree and it’s definitely a favorite of mine!!

The Griffith Observatory

If you’re looking for more of a city vibe for your engagement photos, the Griffith observatory is definitely the place! The view of Los Angeles from there is stunning and the perfect place to take in the city. If you do decide to do a photoshoot at the Griffith Observatory, I totally recommend waking up early and opting for a sunrise session. Since it’s a popular Hollywood landmark, it can get very crowded, meaning people in your shot and no one wants that. 

At sunrise, you’ll be able to really enjoy the place, take in the scenery with your partner, and feel comfortable while taking your photos, Plus,  the sunrise looks so golden and dreamy from the observatory. You won’t regret waking up for it! 

Malibu Creek State Park

This park is such a gorgeous spot for your engagement photos or wedding portraits! Since it’s more calm and secluded, it’ll make it so much easier for you to be comfortable in front of the camera and just enjoy the time with your partner! The endless greenery, mountain views, and stunning trees that surround the park will make for gorgeous romantic photos. Plus, there are the occasional deer sightings! Engagement photos with a deer? Sign me up! 

Just look at how dreamy these are!!

Point Dume, Malibu

Gorgeous ocean views and stunning cliffs? Check! Point Dume is the perfect place if you want to capture that dreamy ocean view along with a variety of cliffs. While it is stunning, parking is a total pain…But honestly, nothing beats these views. Plus there are some amazing spots where the cliffs lead you to a point where it looks like it’s extending out into the ocean. This creates an amazing illusion where it looks like you and your partner are floating on top of the ocean. It doesn’t get any dreamier than that.

Downtown Los Angeles 

While it’s not pinpointed to one exact location, I had to add it to the list! The variety of spots, views, and landmarks you can capture for your engagement session is incredible. Since there’s so much variety downtown,  it’s so easy to find your style within the city. Whether you want a casual styled photo session or more of a sophisticated, urban vibe, downtown is definitely the place. The possibilities here are endless! 

Vazquez Rocks 

If you’re looking for a closer alternative to Joshua Tree, that still has beautiful landscapes and that dessert boho-vibe, then Vazquez Rocks is definitely the place! What makes this park stunning, is the unique rock formations and the beautiful desert landscapes that surround it! A lot of people also come from all over to see the infamous rock structures that have appeared in many movies and T.V shows! The downside is that since it is so popular it can get crowded fast, especially on weekends! Try to opt for a week-day photoshoot instead! It’s definitely worth it though, look at how stunning these are!

Interested in having your engagement and wedding photos in one of these locations? Reach out! 

I’m Melina, a Latina wedding and elopement photographer capturing wild + adventurous love in SoCal and I’d be honored to capture your love!